Meat Sticks

Johns Elgin Market has offered quality game meats sinec 1880. Check out our wide range of wild game meat sticks. John's Market offers spicy meat sticks, mild meat sticks, bbq meat sticks, teriyaki meat sticks, and a whole lot more, prepared using various game meats. Our meat sticks are full of flavor and make great snacks.

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Old World Mild Kangaroo and Pork Stick
Try our delicious Mild Kangaroo and Pork Stick! ..
Cheddar Cheese Venison Stick
Try our delicious Cheddar Cheese Venison Stick! ..
Old World Fire Venison Stick
Try our delicious Fire Venison Stick! ..
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Jalapeno Venison Pepper Jack Cheese Stick
Try our delicious Jalapeno Venison Pepper Jack Cheese Stick! ..
Wild & Mild Snack Stick Sampler
Looking for something a little more tame and mild? Get the Wild & Mild Snack Stick Sampler. T..
Based on 3 reviews.
Old World BBQ Flavored Pork Stick
Try our delicious BBQ Flavored Pork Stick! ..
Old World Teriyaki Beef Stick
Try our delicious Old World Teriyaki Beef Stick! ..
Exotic Outback Stick Sampler
This stick sampler is perfect for someone looking to try something crazy and a little out of the ..
Based on 2 reviews.