About Us

John’s Elgin Market is about as American as it gets when it comes to the outdoors and game-meat processing. We are proud to have a history in the area that stems back to the time when the Chicago area was first settling during the post-civil-war era.

A craft that is 4+ generations deep is what you are buying when you ship with John’s Elgin Market. We know how to smoke meats and make custom meat snacks as good as anybody and John’s Elgin Market proudly ships across the country.

Along with offering our online store, John’s Elgin Market also takes care of local processing for many hunters across Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Conveniently located just off of Route 20 on 31 in South Elgin, John’s Elgin Market is a premier and darn right ancient go-to-spot when it comes to deer processing.

At John's Elgin Market, we custom cut your deer to your specifications. All the cuts and ground you'll receive will be exclusively from your deer. Unlike other places, who mix all their customers' deer together and give you meat based on your deer's weight, we process each deer separately so that you can be sure that you're enjoying exactly what you killed.

You will taste the difference.